How Do You Know When To Replace Your Roof

Signs You Might Need a New Roof On Your Home

How Do You Know When To Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof on your Wisconsin home probably isn’t high on your priority list and it’s usually a decision that is generally forced upon the homeowner at a time when the roof finally fails or is showing clear signs of an imminent failure and must be replaced.  So what if you’re one of those conscientious homeowners who diligently likes to maintain their home? How do you even know when your roof is telling you it’s time for a roof replacement or at least a thorough inspection from a pro?

“How Do I Know If I Need A New Roof” can be a problematic question for many Wisconsin homeowners especially if they haven’t owned the home since it was newly constructed.  As a home changes hands so does the knowledge of what products are installed on the home, who was the installer and when.  If you’re the 3rd owner of a home and you don’t have any information on the roofing material used, what brand or shingle type or when it was last replaced then you already know what we’re talking about!

Thankfully, the team at Brad’s Construction can provide you with a few tips so you can at least easily make the determination if you need to call a professional roofer or not.

Most of the residential roofing systems we encounter throughout Wisconsin are Asphalt Shingle or Laminated Shingle roofing systems from a wide variety of manufacturers.  Depending on the quality of the shingle and the quality of the installation you could expect to get 5 – 50 years out of your roofing material, yes, that’s a very wide range!  There are certainly some roofing materials that are better than others and offer much more protection and durability, but even the finest shingle can be compromised if it’s installed by an inexperienced or “rushed” crew who doesn’t take the time to do things right!

5 Signs Your Roof Might Need Replacement

#1.  Storm Damage To Shingles or Roof Decking

If your roof has been recently been damaged due to a storm or you suspect it might have been damaged due to tree branches or hail impacts then it’s important to have the roof inspected as soon as possible, don’t wait!  If the damage is going to be covered by your insurance company they will want you to act sooner than later.  If you’re missing shingles or you can see there is visible damage to the roof then don’t wait, call us now – 920-763-5779

#2.  Obvious Roofing Leaks

If you’ve spotted some obvious roof leaks or water damaged areas on the inside of your home then it’s really important to trace and find the leak as soon as possible, don’t wait!  Water can travel a long ways once it gets inside your home and it can take some very puzzling paths sometimes!  One thing is for certain, water coming into your home via a problem with your roof is not good!  It could be as simple as some roof flashing that needs to be replaced or properly installed or as complicated as a whole roof replacement if it’s wearing down and the materials are failing.

#3.  Missing or Poorly Installed Roof Flashing Around Vents, Chimneys and Dormers

It’s amazing how many roofing problems we see in the field that lead back to poorly installed or even completely missing roof flashing.  These tiny roofing details are what help to direct water away from the joints and seams that surround protrusions in your roof like a chimney or roof vent and they also usually follow along your roofing seams between stories, along dormers and any other wall to roof seam on your home where two surfaces meet along your roof.  Proper roof flashing is critical to your roofs performance!

Roof flashing is usually made out of metal or in some cases plastic (around vents and pipes) and the metal flashing is often custom fit on-site for the home and the particular place it’s being installed.  A $10.00 piece of flashing can literally cause $1000’s of dollars in damage to your home if it’s missing or poorly installed over an area where water can penetrate.  The problem with flashing usually get’s much worse when it’s not discovered for a long period of time.  This will lead to water damage within your home, which leads to mold and it’s going to be expensive to fix!

Visually inspect the flashing around your chimney or other roofing protrusions if you suspect a leak.  Is the flashing missing?  Is it out of place or damaged?

#4. Sagging, Damaged or Rotten Roof Decking

There is an attic in most homes and through the attic you’ll be able to see the underside of your roof decking.  This is a very easy thing to do if you are mobile and have access to your attic and a flashlight.  By looking at the underside of your roof, especially the areas around a roof-to-wall seam (if you suspect flashing causing a leak) you’ll be able to see any water soaked areas and can better pinpoint the location of a leak.

If the problem has gone unnoticed for a long time it’s likely that the roof decking could be rotting and this is when it begins to sag.  If it’s really gone on for a long time it can actually lead to structural rot of the trusses and framing in your home, ruined insulation and more.

#5.  Excess Shingle Granule Loss

If you’ve ever looked closely at your roofing material (if you have an asphalt or laminated shingle) you’ll notice what appears to be grains of rough sand embedded into the surface of the shingle.  These are your shingle granules.  If you’ve ever cleaned out your gutters and found handfuls of what appeared to be “sand” in the gutter then you’ve experienced shingle granule loss.  It’s normal for a roofing system to shed some of these granules over time but if you’re scooping out handfuls of this material from your gutters every few months it’s time to call a professional to take a look at your roof and if it’s in need of replacement or will still be good for a few years yet.

What About The Moss and Algae All Over My Roof?

Don’t assume because your roof is really dirty or that because there is moss growing on it that it’s in need of replacement!  Do we recommend you continue with your dirty roof policy?  No… Not at all.  I your roof is covered in moss and algae it’s not shedding water like it’s supposed too.  There are local services that provide a service called “roof soft washing” and they will be able to safely and efficiently clean your asphalt shingle roofing without damaging the shingles or causing excess shingle granule loss.

If your roof has been covered in moss and algae for years then it’s a good candidate for a thorough roofing inspection but without checking all areas of the roof you won’t be able to know for sure.

Replacing Your Roof To Improve Curb Appeal

Some homeowners choose to replace their roof because it’s simply dated or doesn’t fit in with their decorating style.  With the shingle options available today you can find a style, pattern and composition of shingle that meets both your budget and your designer tastes!

If you want to replace your roof to improve curb appeal then it’s time to consider an upgrade to a premium architectural shingle or even the king of roofing materials, a standing seam metal roof!

Why Choose Brad’s Construction For Your Roofing Replacement Project?

brads construction logo Brad’s Construction takes our roofing inspections a step further.  We are the local roofing experts in Beaver Dam, Mayville, Hartford and the rest of Dodge County, WI.  We can help you solve complex roofing problems such as roofing leaks, poor installations, storm damage, poor venting, and more.

Because we’ve got so much experience with roofing installations and proper roofing techniques we can also offer you several recommendations on materials, maintenance and even venting and properly waterproofing your home if you have problematic areas other contractors just can’t seem to figure out.

We realize that you’ve got many choices when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor in Wisconsin. We want you to know we understand and appreciate the commitment you are about to make to your home and we take it very seriously. When you choose Brad’s Construction you’re choosing a partner in making your home a better place. We guarantee it!

If you’d like to book a roofing inspection or some roofing repairs or even a replacement please give us a call 920-763-5779 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.

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