Interior Home Remodeling – What Are You Really In For!?

Interior home remodeling projects often start small but can quickly grow out-of-hand, or at least what you perceive to be out-of-hand, if you don't really know or understand the processes involved with remodeling a home interior.  Have you just purchased a new-to-you home in the Dodge County area? … [Read more...]

6 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Your Deck Building Project

It's that time of the year when the sun begins to shine a little more often, the weather warms up and homeowners who want to build a deck onto their property really start getting serious about the project.  Whether you decide to hire a local deck builder (like Brad's Construction) or you decide to … [Read more...]

Are You Really Ready To Completely Gut and Renovate an Investment Property?

Are You Really Ready To Completely Gut and Renovate an Investment Property in Dodge County, Wisconsin? For a property buyer looking for an investment, there are many homes in Dodge County WI that are great candidates for a full gut and remodel.  Homes that have been foreclosed on, neglected … [Read more...]

What Are Your Home Remodeling Plans For 2017?

What Are Your Home Remodeling Plans For 2017? Here are a few remodeling ideas you might want to consider! Another year and another list of things you'd like to do with your money... If remodeling your home is on the radar for this year then you might find this selection of remodeling tips … [Read more...]

Signs You Might Need a New Roof On Your Home

Replacing the roof on your Wisconsin home probably isn't high on your priority list and it's usually a decision that is generally forced upon the homeowner at a time when the roof finally fails or is showing clear signs of an imminent failure and must be replaced.  So what if you're … [Read more...]

6 Wisconsin Home Remodeling Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

Remodeling your home is an exciting experience that will ultimately lead to a better, more suitable home for you and your family.  But is it really just so straight forward and easy?  We've all heard the remodeling horror stories from friends, family and co-workers but it's never easy to learn the … [Read more...]

Getting Your Home Repaired After Storm Damage

Has Your Home Recently Been Damaged in a Hail, Rain or Windstorm? We specialize in repairing homes and working with insurance companies. Mother nature is the one element that can have an impact on home ownership that nobody can control.  Storms and extreme weather are bound to happen in our area … [Read more...]

Why Would You Choose DECRA Stone Shingles To Roof Your Home?

Why Would You Choose DECRA Stone Shingles To Roof Your Home? Get The Strength and Durability Of Metal Roofing Without the Boring Look! If you are like most homeowners, you take a great deal of pride in the appearance of your home. The outside of your home is its first impression to friends, … [Read more...]

The Coolest Wisconsin Home Remodeling Trends For 2015

The Coolest Wisconsin Home Remodeling Trends For 2015 Modernize Your Home With These Cool and Trendy Upgrades As fall and winter are around the corner, home improvement projects are in full swing right now. Although some people only remodel their homes in preparation for selling, many others … [Read more...]

4 Home Remodeling Projects Under $10K That Will Make a Big Difference In The Value Of Your Wisconsin Home

4 Home Remodeling Projects Under $10K That Will Make a Big Difference In The Value Of Your Wisconsin Home. Choose One Of These Home Remodeling Projects For The Most Bang For Your Buck. If you’re thinking of renovating your home, it is always wise to consider how your renovations will affect … [Read more...]

Having New Kitchen Countertops Installed Into Your Wisconsin Home

Having New Kitchen Countertops Installed Into Your Wisconsin Home An Affordable Way To Give Your Kitchen A Beautiful Facelift! Whether you are having a kitchen installed into a brand new home, or renovating an existing kitchen, there are a number of factors to consider before you proceed. Have … [Read more...]

Understanding The Costs Of Installing A Metal Roof On Your Wisconsin Home

Understanding the Costs of Installing a Metal Roof On Your Wisconsin Home Metal roofing by Brad's Construction will save you money. The cost of a metal roof is only greater than that of an asphalt or other types of roof at the initial time of purchase.  When understanding the true cost of … [Read more...]

Financing Your Wisconsin Home Remodeling Project

As a home remodeling contractor one of the hurdles our potential customers often face is the finances required to pay for their project. We often see homeowners with projects that they need to be completed to secure the integrity (and safety) of their home such as a new roof for windows.  Without … [Read more...]

Remodeling Your Wisconsin Home This Spring or Summer?

With spring only a few months away and summer following shortly thereafter there are some homeowners beginning to think about the possibilities of remodeling their home or making improvements to their property.  If you ask a contractor, spring and summer are the best months of the year to complete … [Read more...]

What To Do If Your Mayville Roof Starts Leaking This Fall

As we move through Fall and into the winter it's inevitable that some homeowners in Mayville and the surrounding area will discover they have a leaky roof.  Maybe it's from a storm that blew some shingles off or maybe it's from a leak in some poorly constructed flashing that has slowly been leaking … [Read more...]