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Roofing Inspections In Mayville, Beaver Dam, Fond Du Lac, & Dodge County WI
We offer very thorough and detailed roof inspections

Having your roof inspected annually or at the very least bi-annually is generally a good idea.  Even moreso if the home or building you own is occupied by tenants, who may or may not be as attentive to your property as you (or us) would be.  Roofing problems usually arise from poor installations, storm damage, or just deterioration of the roofing materials.  Spotting these issues before they can cause significant damage to your home is key.

Brad's Construction offers complete roof inspection services for homeowners within our Dodge County and Winnebago County Wisconsin service areas.  Our roofing experts can find out exactly what is wrong with your roofing system.

What Are We Looking For In A Roof Inspection?

There are a variety of things we're looking at when we inspect your roof.  We aim to provide the most thorough inspections, often catching items other roofers might miss.

#1.  Hail Damage: We carefully examine your roof for any signs of damage caused by hailstorms. This could include cracked or broken shingles, dents on metal roofing, or any other signs of impact that could compromise the integrity of your roof.

#2.  Loss of Roofing Granules: A vital aspect of our inspection is checking for loss of roofing granules. These granules are essential for protecting your roof against the sun's damaging UV rays. Loss of granules can accelerate the aging process of your roof and may be an indication of nearing the end of its lifespan.

#3.  Wind and Storm Damage: High winds and severe storms can wreak havoc on your roof. We thoroughly check for loose or missing shingles, damaged seals, and any other signs of wind or storm damage that may lead to leaks or other issues in the future.

#4.  Poor Flashing Installations: The flashing is crucial as it helps to prevent water intrusion at joints or edges. We examine the quality of the flashing installation, ensuring it is adequately sealed and positioned correctly around chimneys, skylights, and other roof penetrations or where the roof meets a wall.

#5.  Inadequate Roof Venting: A well-vented roof is vital for maintaining the longevity of your roof and preventing issues like mold growth or wood rot. We assess the quality and effectiveness of your roof's ventilation system to ensure it's promoting sufficient airflow.

#6.  Additional Factors: Besides these primary issues, we're on the lookout for other potential problems, such as the structural integrity of the roof deck, potential signs of water damage, and the condition of the gutter system. We're committed to providing a comprehensive evaluation of your roof's overall health and stability.

We have many years of experience as local roofing contractors specializing in several different types of roofing materials and complex roofing projects.  In short, we know exactly what to look for in roof to help the homeowner avoid expensive repairs or even roofing replacements further down the road.

Drone Roofing Inspections

Climbing up on roofs all day can be dangerous work, especially if the roof is extremely steep (high pitched).  Thankfully we have a certified drone pilot on staff and using one of the latest aerial photography drones we can take detailed video footage and aerial photos of your roof without having to get out the ladder.

The use of a our drone can help us spot trouble areas and we can also take an aerial photo of your roof and import it into our estimating software to quickly produce accurate roofing estimates.  Our drone is perfect for steep slope roofing systems or roofs that would otherwise be difficult or too dangerous to access with a ladder.

Roof Flashing Inspections

Part of our roofing inspections is looking at your existing roof flashing around dormers, chimneys, valleys, and other areas of your roof where two surfaces meet.  Poorly installed, damaged, or even missing flashing are usually one of the most common causes for roof leaks and they are often preventable if the problem can be discovered early.  Leaks caused by flashing problems can be small and may often go unnoticed for months or even years causing significant damage to your home interior.  These leaks can go on for a long time before the homeowner discovers there is a problem.  If you suspect your roof flashing is the cause of a roof leak we can thoroughly inspect it for you.

Roofing Ventilation

The ventilation within your attic is an overlook aspect of a roofing inspection.  Inadequate ventilation can lead to problems with condensation build-up in your attic, it can contribute to ice dams, and other issues that are going to be expensive to repair.  We can let you know during an inspection if your roof ventilation is adequate or if it would be a good idea to add more venting to your roof to help provide cheap insurance against future issues.

Brad's Construction takes our roofing inspections a step further.  We are the local roofing experts and can help you solve complex roofing problems such as roofing leaks, poor installations, storm damage, poor venting, and more.  Because we've got so much experience with roofing installations and proper roofing techniques we can also offer you several recommendations on materials, maintenance and even venting and properly waterproofing your roof decking.

We realize that you've got many choices when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor to inspect your roof in Wisconsin. We want you to know we understand and appreciate the commitment you are about to make to your home and we take it very seriously. When you choose Brad's Construction you're choosing a partner in making your home a better place. We guarantee it!

Questions About Our Roof Inspections?

An asphalt shingle roofing inspection is a thorough evaluation of the condition of your roof's asphalt shingles, underlayment, flashing, gutters, and ventilation systems. This inspection aims to identify any damage or potential issues to ensure the roof's structural integrity and longevity.  Inspections like this are particularly important after any storm or weather event, if your roof has been leaking or suffered visible damage, or if you're involved with a real estate transaction and you'd like a more detailed report on the roof than what most home inspectors will provide.

Our area of Wisconsin experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, such as heavy snowfall, strong winds, rain, hail, and intense sunlight. These conditions can cause damage to your roof over time. Regular inspections help identify any problems early on, ensuring the durability and longevity of your roof.

Hail can cause significant damage to a roof, especially if the roofing material is asphalt shingles. The damage occurs due to the impact of hailstones on the roof's surface, and the severity depends on the size, density, and velocity of the hailstones, as well as the age and condition of the roof.

Here's how hail can damage a roof:

  1. Shingle bruising: When hailstones strike the surface of asphalt shingles, they can create dents or bruises. These bruises may not be immediately visible but can cause the underlying layers of the shingle to become damaged, weakening the shingle's structure and reducing its lifespan.

  2. Granule loss: Asphalt shingles are coated with granules that protect the shingle from the sun's UV rays and provide water-shedding capabilities. Hailstones can dislodge these granules, exposing the asphalt layer beneath. This exposure can lead to accelerated aging of the shingle and increase the risk of leaks.

  3. Cracks or punctures: Large or high-velocity hailstones can cause cracks or even puncture shingles, compromising the waterproofing capabilities of the roof and increasing the risk of leaks.

  4. Damage to flashing and vents: Hail can also dent or damage the metal flashing, vents, and other roof components, leading to water infiltration and reduced roof performance.

Hail damage can be difficult to detect, especially from the ground level. If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by hail, schedule an inspection with Brad's Construction to inspect your roof to assess the damage and recommend appropriate repairs.  We can provide necessary documentation to your insurance company as well.

It is recommended to have a roofing inspection completed at least once every two years, or definitely after any significant weather event, such as a hailstorm or very strong wind. However, if your roof is older (like 15-25 years old) or you suspect any issues such as leaks or visible damage, it's best to schedule a roofing inspection sooner than later.

Some common issues found during roofing inspections include:

  • Damaged, curled, or missing shingles
  • Granule loss on shingles
  • Damaged, missing, or rusted flashing
  • Mold or mildew growth within your attic
  • Poor ventilation or insulation (leading to moisture, mold, mildew)
  • Blocked or damaged gutters
  • Water leaks or stains on the interior which would indicate condensation or leaks

While you can perform a basic visual inspection of your roof, it is best to hire a professional roofing contractor like Brad's Construction to perform a thorough inspection. As professionals we have the necessary tools, experience, and training to identify and address any issues accurately.

The cost of an asphalt shingle roofing inspection can vary depending on the size and complexity of your roof. On average, homeowners in Wisconsin can expect to pay between $245 to $500 for a professional inspection.

If your roof fails the inspection, Brad's Construction will provide recommendations for repairs or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. It's essential to address any issues promptly to prevent further damage to your home and protect its structural integrity.


I hired Brad's to add on to my existing composite deck. I removed my hot tub and wanted to extend the deck to fill the area. Justin and Taylor came up with some great options to tie in the new deck portion with the older, weathered deck. They were very informative and stayed on top of communication during the entire process. Even though my project was a fairly small one, they treated it like it was the most important job. I would highly recommend consulting with Brad's if you were looking to have some work done.

Brian Hicks March 4, 2022

We had a garage fire & they came to rescue! We decided to add to the garage instead of replacing the shed that burned & Brad's did a great job with the project. The customer service was great also, communicating with us to keep us in the loop of when inspections were needed & days they weren't able to be here. We are so glad to have a garage back before the snow really starts to fly.

Randi Turner December 25, 2021

When it came time to replace our roof it was a real pleasure dealing with Brad and Taylor. Communication was terrific and they were quick to respond to any questions that we had. The crew did a great job with the installation and we've received several compliments from friends and neighbors on the finished project. We recommend that you give them a call and talk about your next project.

Rob McCoy November 9, 2021

We hired Brad's Construction to redo our roof a few months ago and we couldn't be more pleased. He was prompt in every way and our roof was done perfectly. They were able to get it done in a day, and left behind no mess in our driveway. We would recommend them to everyone, and would definitely hire them again.

Jessa Vermillion October 21, 2021

They did a great job, we just had a fire and they came out to tarp the roof, before the storms hit. They went above and beyond what was asked or expected.

Asher Rosenberg August 26, 2021

Very professional and detailed. Solved our leak problem. Highly recommend.

DrMom Jones May 16, 2021

I would highly recommend Brad’s Construction. His team installed a composite deck with new railings for me. They were friendly, professional, hard working and did an awesome job. They explained all of my options, gave their recommendations and performed the work expertly. I could not be happier and will definitely hire them for future projects.

Sheryl Andrews May 1, 2021

I contacted Brad's construction to replace the shingles on my house and garage. My street was being redone at the same time I was planning but they were very patient with me and answered any questions I had. They finished within 2 days of the start date and cleaned up very well. Would never know they came! I'm very impressed with my roof and would highly recommend these guys to anybody looking to get their roof done. Highly professional and competitive pricing!

rpagenkopf90 November 10, 2020

We had brad’s construction install a basement egress window for us. The whole process from start to finish went awesome. Brad is super friendly, knowledgeable, and a excellent craftsman. They did an excellent job cleaning up daily and took every precaution to leaving our yard and home looking better than they arrived. Most of all the window looks absolutely terrific. I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made to have brad’s construction do this project. I would recommend to anyone!!

Casey Patasius November 10, 2020

Brad and Taylor were professional in their quote process right through installation of our new roof. The crew arrived on time as promised, were friendly, cleaned up each day as if they were never here. Project was finished in two days for a complete tear-off and shingle replacement. They even worked a ten hour day on a Sunday to finish after a rainy week. Highly recommend this business!

Joan Raether September 22, 2020

I had a great experience with Brad, his son, Taylor, and their team ripping out our aging organic shingles and replacing it Owens Corning singles. They showed up ready to work when they promised; and always called or sent a text to let us know if they would be late. Brad and his team not only went above and beyond with the quality of their work but made recommendations based on their experience. When they removed the old shingles, they uncovered some areas that needed re-decking. They repaired the decking and did not raise the quoted price even after finding a few issues. Not only did they beat the estimated timeline provided but beat EVERY quote around us. They were able to deliver a finished product that exceeded beyond our expectations. Great service, best pricing, local, responsive and dependable! Very professional!

Alan S September 16, 2020

Replace roof shingles. Crew was very polite and professional. Highly recommend, as they were on time, and clean up was immaculate.

Mary Nehmer August 28, 2020

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