Decra Steel Shingle Installation Horicon WI

We started this Decra Stone Coated Steel Roof and we ran into a little issue, in which the roof framing above the kitchen was completely compromised. The framing was split, molded, and rotting.  After some additional removal, we were able to get to a solid base and rebuild a new rafter system, as well as install new roof decking.

You can see from the photos that their roof was in rough shape and needed some extra attention in order to ensure that their new roof lasts a lifetime.  Their new roof comes with a rock-solid warranty and is rated as a class 4 shingle that can withstand some of the intense hail that frequents our area.

Shingle Type/Color: DECRA Stone Coated Steel in Cobblestone Color

If you'd like to install DECRA stone coated steel shingles on your Horicon or Burnett WI home give us a call (920) 763-5779 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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