Roof Replacement Dodge County WI

We did two roofing projects on the same street this week, and this was the first. We removed both layers of their old roofing to install new Owen's Corning Duration Harbor Blue shingles.

Many times we'll come across a roof that has multiple layers of shingles.  While it's a generally accepted practice to install roofing over old roofing, it's usually only done because of budget constraints.  Without removing the old shingles you don't have the opportunity to repair roof decking or other trouble areas so it's not something we generally do.

Best practice is to remove all shingle layers and install the new shingles that way.  You'll get a better quality installation and if it's done right, a lifetime of service from your roof.

Shingle Type/Color:  Owens Corning Duration in Harbor Blue Color.

If you'd like to install new shingles on your Dodge County WI home give us a call (920) 763-5779 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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