Egress Window in West Bend, WI

Egress Window Installation In West Bend WI

Egress windows are a common project we take on. This egress window though threw us for a little bit of a loop. When we originally Inspected the area, it was marked by Diggers Hotline as providing plenty of clearance for the install. After the final markings for installation, they moved the primary power line markings well within our work area.

A bit of careful digging later, we never uncovered the power line so the job ended up going smoothly after that!

This egress window happens to be a triple pane window with a foam-filled sash for maximum insulation.

Egress windows are very important for basements, especially where the homeowner wants to have their basement space considered a bedroom or living space.

Location: West Bend, WI
Project Type: West Bend WI
Materials: Rockwell Window Well & Alliance Windows

Do You Need Egress Windows installed?

Brad's Construction specializes in Egress Window Installation throughout the West Bend area.  If you'd like to schedule an estimate to have your Egress Window installed, please give us a call at 920-763-5779 or fill out our online estimate request form and we'll get right back to you.

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