Building a New Deck in Wisconsin this spring.

Build a New Deck This Spring

Building a New Deck in Wisconsin this spring.

Springtime is the perfect time to build a new deck!

Often spring time is one of the busiest times of the year for homeowners, we’re coming out of the winter and many people are thinking about their summer and what smaller projects around the house can be done to help make it more enjoyable.  If you’re looking for the ultimate home improvement project to provide relaxation and enjoyment look no further than building a new custom deck.

Do you like to entertain guests?  Then maybe you’ve love to have a deck built with a covered outdoor cooking area?  Gas and electricity can be run through your deck framework so if you wanted to have the ultimate in outdoor entertaining decks, you could.  You could add provisions for a hot tub, integrated seating or flower beds and so much more.  The possibilites are endless when you’re working with a talented local builder.

Good Deck Builders Start With Solid Framing

Deck Framing Most decks frames will first be built with pressure treated lumber.  The complexity of your deck design could make the framing part really easy, or much more difficult.  Typically single level, smaller in size decks can be framed rather quickly.  If you have a multi-level deck, with many angles and other provisions then the framing can sometimes take several days.  It’s important your deck have rock solid framework that is supported correctly on firm, level ground.

How Much Will A New Deck Cost?

How Much Will a New Deck Cost? That’s a good question and not something that can truly be answered on a website.  We’d have to come and look at your specific deck building project to provide you with an accurate price.  For the sake of this article if a homeowner was prepared to spend $3000 – $10,000+ they can have a very nice deck built with a variety of different options likely available to them.  Obviously the price will increase as the size of the deck grows or if you have a difficult property to work on that might need additional landscaping work, the price will also increase.

The specific decking materials you choose are also going to greatly affect the price of the deck with pressure treated lumber often being the most affordable option for Wisconsin homeowners.

How Long Does It Take To Build A New Deck?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Deck This is often the most asked question after “what’s my new deck going to cost?” and for good reason.  You want to know how long you’re going to have a small crew of builders sawing lumber and pounding nails on your property.  The good news is that most decks can be completed in just a few days providing the weather cooperates.  Some decks, especially if they are larger or multi-level decks may require a little more time because of their complexity but most decks can be finished with a week.

Another factor that could delay your decking project would be special ordered materials or exotic hardwoods which can take time to arrive and are usually pre-ordered well in advance.

Who Builds Decks In Mayville, Wisconsin?

Brad’s Construction is a general construction contractor specializing in the design and construction of custom decks.  We can build decks out of both wood and composite materials for any size residential project and anyone with a realistic budget.  From one deck on your home, to multiple decks of the same size and shape for your home owners association or townhome complex.

If you’d like to build the ultimate deck onto your Mayville, WI home this spring or summer then give us a call or fill out our online form today!

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