Fond Du Lac WI Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repair Contractor in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Damaged and Leaking Roof Repair in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.

Every year hundreds of homeowners in the Fond Du Lac area need to search out a reliable, experienced roofing contractor to repair their Fond Du Lac roof.  It might have been caused from an Ice Dam letting go, a large tree branch doing damage to your shingles, or maybe you need to have some flashing replaced?  There is a lot that mother nature can do to your roof when she wants too.

If you suspect your roof has been damaged it’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional.  A trained eye will often spot issues with your roof that you never perceived as issues.  Most roof damage (caused by nature) is covered by your home owners insurance, and the what your insurance company considers roof damage that needs to be fixed or replaced might surprise you.  However, you can’t wait too long and the damage (if any) must be properly documented, and quickly.

Brad’s Construction is a full service roofing contractor serving the Fond Du Lac area of Wisconsin.  We specialize in very thorough roofing inspections and complete roofing repair services throughout Fond Du Lac.

Our experienced roofing team will do a thorough inspection of the damage to your roof. Once we’ve found and documented the damage to your roof we can then come up with a plan to repair it for you.  If insurance is involved we can document the roofing damage as required by your insurers and we can even work directly with your adjuster if you’d like us too.

Fond Du Lac WI Roof Repair Contractor

Repairing your roof if it has been damaged should be a priority.  If left unchecked the damage to your roof will slowly get worse, and as water begins to get into your building it will bring about many other problems that are going to be extremely expensive to fix.  Sadly, water damage that goes undocumented and unchecked is often not covered by your insurance policy, they want you to make every effort possible.

Sometimes damage to your roof isn’t immediately visible.  A recent hail storm could have severely damaged your shingles, or maybe your roof is so dirty that you just can’t really tell. In either case the problems will get worse over time and needs to be addressed by a roofing professional who serves the Fond Du Lac area.

When you choose a professional roofing contractor such as Brad’s Construction to complete your roof repair you’re hiring a trusted name in Fond Du Lac, WI.  Our professional roofing crew will arrive at your home in one of our marked vehicles.  They will be able to inspect the damage on your roof, answer any and all of your questions, discuss a strategy to fix the damage and lastly, a competitive price to do the work for you.