Waupun WI Roofing Estimates

Roofing Estimates Waupun, Wisconsin.

Roofing Estimates for Waupun Wisconsin Homeowners

Are you looking for an estimate to replace or repair your roof in the Waupun area?  Roofing estimates can vary greatly from roofer to roofer so it’s important that you understand a little background on how your roofer comes up with these numbers and what else goes into your roofing estimate.

When you hire a roofing contractor you’d assume you’re hiring them for these two things.

1.  The Roofers Time (labor costs)
2.  The Roofing Materials

But there is a lot more to a roofing estimate than just the roofers time and materials you’ve chosen.  You are also paying your roofing contractor for their expertise and knowledge of the roofing trade.

Is the roofing company you’re about to hire in Waupun, WI even licensed?  Are they insured for roofing work?  Both of these are significant business expenses that a legitimate roofing contractor must pay for and they will be reflected, possibly mentioned in the estimate.  Licensed contractors are proud to be licensed, there are many who aren’t so be sure to ask.

Does your roofing contractor have a great crew?  You probably wouldn’t want to stick around at your job very long if you weren’t paid enough and the quality of work you did wouldn’t be the greatest either.  Consider this when you’re looking at roofing estimates too.  Does your contractor take care of his employees?  Good roofing contractors make sure their crews are paid fairly and on-time.

What Else Will Affect My Waupun Roofing Estimate?

Lots!  There are many different variables that could affect your roofing estimate and we’ll touch on a few of those here.

Roofing Materials

Your choice of roofing materials will greatly affect your estimate.  Asphalt shingles are obviously the most economical choice for homeowners but even then, they have varying grades of quality, texture and color that can affect the price.  If you’re looking at architectural shingles, or designer shingles than price is obviously going to be significantly more expensive.  Ask your roofing contractor to provide with an estimate on more than one choice of roofing material.  Go for a good, better, best scenario and see where your budget stands.

Old Roof Tear-Off

You’d think this would be a given on a roofing project but there are many roofing contractors who will charge you separately for your roof tear off and disposal, some might not even include in on the estimate.  Make sure it’s included on yours and the roofing material will be disposed of properly in accordance with local by-laws.  A good roofing contractor will also go over your gutters and surrounding area on the ground with a magnetic roller to collect any roofing nails that may have been dropped.  This all takes time and may or may not be explained on your estimate.

Roof Decking Inspection and Repairs

It’s not uncommon during a roof tear-off to find damaged roof decking, usually from water intrusion.  Does your roofing estimate include a thorough inspection of the existing roof decking?  Does it include any time for minor repairs?  Your contractor would have a good idea what to expect based on the age of your home, your roofing material and their visual inspection but it’s always nice to know if your contractor is prepared for surprises.

Roofing Warranty

Does your contractors estimate include a written warranty?  Verbal agreements do not suffice for a warranty and you want it to be in writing.  Most roofing contractors warranty their workmanship for 1 year.  Which is very fair considering our work is up against mother nature.  Contractors with a lower bid, likely have not factored a warranty into your project and even if they say they have, they are often priced too low to actually provide any service should something go wrong.

What If I Get Several Very Different Roofing Estimates?

This is important… As a homeowner you might receive several estimates for your roof.  Hypothetically let’s say you received 3 bids for your new roof.  One contractor came in at $9500, another at $11,200 and another at $12,500.  The insurance company however says they will pay $11,346.00 to replace your roof.  Which roofing contractor do you choose?

Generally, it’s always a good idea not to hire the roofer who has priced themselves the lowest… They are the priced this low for several reasons and you probably don’t want to find out why.

If you’ve been given several roofing estimates from Waupun contractors you should choose the one who is the most thorough.  With a little bit of research it’s not hard to see how a roofing contractor comes up with their numbers and if you really look into the estimate and ask the right questions you won’t get taken advantage of.

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